Sunset in La Coruña, Spain

I am writing these stories in Utrecht, nearly a week after our first concert tour of Spain.

It’s hard to forget the warmth and friendliness of the musicians who showed us around and shared the drinks and shellfish tapas with us. We ate “pulpo” at least once every day and yet still craved for more. Only on the last evening did we discover the succulent mouth-watering razor clams.

Food, music, and love definitely all go together — especially in Spain.

There is too much to engrave in the depths of my memory and savour until our next trip. Where would it be next? Barcelona? San Sebastian? Toledo? Before I went to Spain, I knew only Paella and Sangria. Now I can’t wait to discover the different regional specialties.

After our “Break a Leg” concert, we hurried Miguel and Christina to join us in viewing the sunset a few streets away, on the coast. It was our last chance to see this amazing phenomenon, for our next concert was in nearby Ferrol the next and final evening.

Below — the sunset as recorded and narrated by Robert Bekkers. While he was making this video, I chatted with Christina and Miguel on the boardwalk.


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  1. Rachel

    excellent narration!

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