A Roman holiday in Rome

To shortlist where to go in Rome, my mother and I watched several video clips of “Roman Holiday” on youtube on our last night in Florence. [The youtube clip below was chosen at random.]

Spanish Steps

The Mouth of Truth

Fountain di Trevi

My own list includes: the Vatican, Colosseum, St Cecilia Academy of Music (the state conservatory), and Keats/Shelley House.

After 2 weeks in Venice and Florence, we thought we were ready to go home. And I only reserved 3 nights and 4 days for Rome. Clearly it’s not going to be enough.

What a surprise to find the Gallery of Modern Art empty of people and a treasure chest of Modigliani, de Chiruco, and other Italian artists I’ve never heard of. The Villa de Borghese is HUGE! Their Galleria will have to wait until I return again.

It’s raining cats and dogs in Rome. No one is lingering on the Spanish Steps. But we went to see it anyway. 

Today I sent my wishes to the wind, namely, an event on facebook:

Calling musicians to play music of Italian composers. Calling non-musicians to cook Italian food and bring Italian wine. It will be a Roman holiday in Utrecht on Sunday 8th November. Space is limited.

Actually, my time is limited. My mother is asleep upstairs. I’ve been skyping and blogging in the beautiful, mirrored hall of my hotel (below) where we will be having breakfast at 7:30 am tomorrow. 

The mirrored hall where I am typing this blog in Rome

The mirrored hall where I am typing this blog in Rome



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