Sold out! Full house! Standing room only!

I love the idea of sold-out, full-house, standing-room only concerts.

Yesterday, as producer of a house concert held in someone else’s house, I had to sit on the spiral staircase because all 30 seats were taken. Even the gracious host, who had generously provided the space, had to sit a few steps below me.

I opened the house concert by referring to the previous evening’s packed concert premiering a new version of Mozart’s Requiem in Amsterdam.

I love the idea of sold-out, full-house, standing-room only concerts.

Yesterday, as producer of the Russian harp house concert held in a beautiful turn-of-the century “heren” house, I had to sit on the spiral staircase because all 30 seats were taken. Even the gracious host, who had generously provided the space, had to sit a few steps below me.

I opened the house concert by referring to a concert I had attended the previous evening, in which a new version of Mozart’s Requiem was performed.

“Everyone knows Mozart’s Requiem. Everyone knows Mozart,” I began. “We don’t know what Maria is going to play, yet you all came.”

“We all know the Amsterdam Conservatory. They have a student orchestra and choir. How many of you know Maria? How many of you know how to pronounce her last name?

“For most of you, it’s your first time coming to Merrenna’s house. But we know that the Amsterdam Conservatory is in Amsterdam.”

“Yesterday evening’s concert was so full that some people had to stand outside the building. It was a free concert.”

“Tonight’s concert isn’t free. The harpist is not famous. Neither is this venue. But you’re all here.”

What’s the catch? How did we (Maria, Merrenna, and I) manage to get so many people to come to this concert?

We had less than two weeks to let people know about this concert, in a period that was extremely busy for everyone. None of our musician friends could attend because they were either performing in their own concerts or attending other concerts.

For those of you who missed this concert, please thank one passionate member of the audience who secretly recorded these two clips. Follow her on Twitter: @SoniaLa

What caused our audience to come to this concert, instead of doing something else on Sunday 13th December 2009? What else would they have done if not this concert?

Author: BLOGmaiden

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12 thoughts on “Sold out! Full house! Standing room only!”

  1. Hi Anne,

    The house concert at your house with Derek was so wonderful
    that I wanted to experience that one more time.

    That was the reason I went, even I had to cancel other three appointments yesterday.

    Keep the good work,
    Van Anh

  2. Hi Anne,

    why did I come? Well, because your concerts have it all: nice new people to get to know, delicious food and drinks, the opportunity to meet the artist, a cosy venue, great music. ANNE KU house concerts is becoming a real brand! 😉
    Like last time, it was worth the trip from Nijmegen!

    ROLF 🙂

  3. I find the idea of house concerts fascinating, and it was so nicely described in your email. Kudos!Second, the performer was Russian, as well as the music played, so I decided to come and show support.

  4. Dear Anne,

    It was a great evening. Thank you so much for organising this series of concerts!

    This is something that have been missing in Utrecht for a long time.

    I loved the music, very professional, high standards, very divers. But most of all, I liked the whole athmosphere of this small (almost private) concerts – where you can meet people who share you interests, can talk to the musicans and performers afterwards, and get lots of positive energy and inspiration!

    This is a second concert I got a chance to be at. And it’s really a great experience.

    Please keep this wonderful initiative going on!
    Utrecht needs you. 🙂

    Warm regards,

  5. I came (with my husband Paulus) because we always come to Anne’s concerts. We love the high-quality live music, the intimate atmosphere, the interesting guests, the food. At a “regular” concert, you never get to talk to the performers and the people sitting around you are all strangers and stay that way. We also came to this concert because we have met Maria at Anne’s house before and we thought it would be nice to hear her play and to support her. I hope other musicians in Anne’s circle of friends will also consider giving this sort of performance!

  6. Why did we come. I am a musician. I like all sorts of music. I like the Harp. I know Anne. I know Marrena. I went to Marrena’s last concert and it was good, and have been to several of Anne’s house concerts, and all were excellent. I have heard Maria before, and she is good. And she deserves some support at the start of her career … … …

  7. Dear Anne,

    it was the first time that I came to a classical concert in Utrecht, and I came mainly because I love harp music and this was a chance to see a solo harpist play. Apart from the beautiful music, I especially liked the intimate atmosphere, the chance to talk to the other people and the hospitality (sadly we had to leave early). Thank you for posting on the ING mailing list, otherwise I would have missed this really nice concert!

  8. Dear Anne,
    I love house concerts. Some music was really composed to be enjoyed by friends during an intimate evening together. Only later in time it started being performed in large concert halls as we know them today. When such music is performed in these beautiful homes the words and music seem to take a completely new form.
    I wanted to see the Harp from a close distance. It was wonderful to see Maria’s hands moving on the strings like velvet. Knowing exactly which string to hit among all the strings. When a Harp is on a stage I tend to miss such details.
    Talking to the music lovers after the concert was also a great joy.
    Certainly looking forward to the next concert.
    Anne, as always thank you for organising such concerts. Marrena thank you for being such a wonderful host.

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