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I finally found a pocket of time today to check out the followers of my twitter account BLOGMAIDEN. While Robert is working with our sound engineer on the final mastering of our first CD downstairs, I am discovering interesting people with interesting ideas and music to share.

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When I opened Joseph Akins’ website, I was greeted with the most lovely piano music I’ve not heard in a long time. It’s new and refreshing and original. I surfed through his well-organised website to find a video clip I could put in this blog. I am sure it exists somewhere. His audio samples relaxed me as I browsed other twitterers’ profiles and links.

Joseph Akins is a composer, pianist, keyboardist, and producer. I’m not surprised. Musicians are multi-faceted. No one is just a pianist. I’m sure that my fellow musicians have portfolio careers as I have. We perform. We compose. We organise concerts. We write reviews. We teach.

Another pianist who followed me on twitter is Paul Kenyon. The samples of his performances of music of Haydn, Schumann, and Debussy are crisp and clear. Having had Joseph’s music continuously streaming in the first hour, I wished that Paul’s music could accompany me in the next hour. But it wasn’t set up that way.

The above are just two examples of two very different kinds of pianists. I discovered that this blog of our piano guitar duo also attracts guitarists.

The website of Simon Powis welcomes me to a world of classical guitar. He had contacted me back in September 2009 about my sight reading thesis (which I wrote for my piano teaching diploma) for he was working on his doctoral thesis on the very subject, but for guitar. I see from his calendar that he is finishing soon and will pass through the UK before returning to Australia. Maybe I will finally get to meet him, if our trip to London in the first half of August pans out.

Once upon a time, I had to know what I was looking for. Use a search engine with the right keywords, cross my fingers, and hope to find what I was looking for. Now, interesting people find me, giving me new ideas and new insight into the world of music. I don’t know how they find me on twitter. Their websites are professional. Their music mesmerising. Their blogs, well-written and food for thought.

Before I go down stairs to reclaim my space for practising the piano, I must mention the blogs of clarinetist David Thomas. His is the kind I want to read and leave my comments. Dare I also reveal that I long to play Schumann’s Fantasiestücke Op. 73 with a clarinet player. My Romanian bassoonist friend had introduced it to me. I loved it so much that I transcribed it to play with French horn. Later I tried it with cello, but never clarinet. At least not yet.




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