Lead guitarist Robert in rock band

About 57 seconds into the youtube clip below, the camera moves to the lead guitarist doing his solo.

His long blonde hair is twirling around him. You can’t see the blue eyes behind the sunglasses.

Neither can I.

It was winter of 1987 somewhere in South Holland — Maastricht? Limburg? I was in London queuing for Laura Ashley sales.

More than 13 years later, we met in Amsterdam.

The guitarist was Robert Bekkers. He told me he would focus on classical guitar.

I never knew he was such a good lead guitarist in such a great band.

I wonder who the videographer is. Has he, by any chance, a clip of the Funky Caravan, the LoLo’s, or Ku and the Guys? I’d sure like to see the keyboardist. But that was not in the Netherlands at all. Those bands played in Okinawa in the 80’s.


I’ve been told by an informed source that it was NOT in Limburg or anywhere near Maastricht. It was in Veldhoven, in blues cafe called the Lozzie. Click on the youtube link and read the comments on the right for more details.

I just remembered also that I was not in London that winter of 1987 but in Singapore or Malaysia. How time flies!


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