Concert announcement or invitation

There are many ways to get people to come to a concert.

The fastest and easiest, but not necessarily the most effective way, is to announce that there is a concert. Give the essential information such as who is playing, where it will be, when it will be, what will be played, whom to contact for reservations and information, and how much it would cost if it’s not free.

I say it’s fast and easy but not effective because an announcement doesn’t call you to action. It simply states a fact. Something is going to happen. The reader may digest it like a piece of news. No action needs to be taken.

Here is an example of an announcement of our next house concert:

House concert invitation by Elsbeth Carp

House concert invitation for 17 April 2010 designed by Elsbeth Carp

Monument House Concert Series presents


Saturday 17 April 2010 from 20:00

Bekkers Piano Guitar Duo perform “Grand Potpourri National” and other new works in the home of Dutch artist Elsbeth Carp

After the one hour concert, enjoy homemade finger food from the Mediterranean and wine in the home of culinary experts Ivo and Paulien

Book early, only 50 seats. Reserve by prepayment.

More information on website.

How can we improve upon this concert announcement? Give a bit more information? Spice it up with words that make the reader curious or motivated to reserve a ticket?

Live classical music in the home of artist followed by homemade snacks in the home of culinary experts, reviving that 19th century tradition of salon concerts

Or perhaps describe the venues, just how convenient it is to get there and how special the locations are.

Only 5 minute walk west of central Utrecht station, along a canal with houseboats, after a windmill, before the famous building of the Dutch Royal Mint (Munt in Dutch) that houses the Money Museum. The two houses are “herenhuis” with high ceilings and wide entrances.

Maybe it’s worth mentioning how unique this event is.

A grassroots event, local musicians collaborating with local artist and neighbours to welcome guests into private homes to experience that tradition of chamber music in an intimate and relaxed setting followed by conversation over homemade finger food and selected wines.

While words may tempt, they don’t necessarily invite. An effective message to get people to come to a concert is one that welcomes them and gets them to reserve a ticket and put it in their diary. Remember the AIDA principle: Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action.

Here is our personal invitation:

Dear friends,

In our fourth year of producing the Monument House Concert Series, we like to invite you to the home of local artist Elsbeth Carp where we will be giving a one hour concert on Saturday 17th April 2010. Elsbeth has fulfilled every child’s wildest dream: to draw and paint on the walls of her home. It’s a spacious place with huge walls and high ceilings that she has decorated and designed with great artistry. Each time we visit, we are inspired by her imagination and talent.

After senseo coffee provided by Douw Egberts, we shall begin the performance. We will take you back in time, to the 19th century salon concert tradition when guitarist Giuliani and pianist Hummel got together to play the “Grand Potpourri National” and other virtuosic and fun pieces. We have invited musicologist/composer Rolf Straver from Nijmegen to tell you about the pieces in the potpourri.

After the concert, we will walk a few doors down to the double-herenhuis home of Elsbeth’s neighbours Ivo and Paulien whose passions are cooking and traveling. They are planning a menu from the Mediterranean kitchen and selecting wines to go with the gourmet delights they will make. We are sure this will entice you to stay and converse, like the good old days — before mass media and the Internet.

Because of limited seating, we ask that you book as soon as possible by pre-payment into the bank account specified on the website. Please mention in the description in the online banking field how you found out about the concert, e.g. invitation from Bekkers Piano Guitar Duo, etc so that you will get an e-mail confirmation.

Saturday 17 April 2010, doors open 20:00, concert begins at 20:30
Euro 17.50 includes music, food, drinks
84 Leidsweg Utrecht (5 minute walk from Utrecht Centraal station)
Free parking in nearby Oog in Al (from Leidsweg 95 and up) cross bridge
Booking: elsbethcarp AT lombok DOT nl

We look forward to seeing you there.

Warm regards,

Anne and Robert

Now tell me, is this an invitation you can refuse?



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