Audio video to explain economics to an audience

After writing about the cultural economics of music tonight in “Just in time collaboration with composers and sound engineers,” I came across a tweet about online video from The Economist.

How long have these audio video presentations been available on the Economist website? How long have I been missing out?

The topics range from the economies of various countries to climate change and world population. I love the moving graphs and the clear explanations. Such video presentations make otherwise tedious reading interesting and bearable — and even entertaining.

There is a lot of good stuff in academic literature. But a lot of it is wrapped in passive tense, lost in long and winding sentences with vocabulary not in your average dictionary. I have read volumes of scholarly journals only with the help of strong coffee and tight deadlines. I have been to musicology seminars where the presenter reads from a sheet of paper on a topic that had lured a full house. The reading put us to sleep.

There is an audience. Engage them!

Do everything you can to reach the audience!

Even the Economist is trying new ways to get the message across. These “talking charts” are music to the readers’ ears.

As musicians, we cannot rely on our music to do the work. We have to establish a rapport with our audiences. The music doesn’t sell itself. We do.

Audience at Bekkers Piano Guitar Duo concert in Vestry Hall, London 30 May 2003

Audience at Bekkers Piano Guitar Duo concert in Vestry Hall, London 30 May 2003


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