Best jobs in America: musicians?

I saw a link on facebook to “best jobs in America” and couldn’t resist blogging about the diagram. It’s a perfect exercise in statistics. I like the way the multi-dimensional information is displayed. The article also mentions the best companies in America to work for.

Best Jobs in America

Best Jobs in America

The best job, if I read it correctly, is systems engineer.

The third best is college professor.

The fifth best is IT project manager.

The 17th best is business analyst.

I mention the above because I have either worked in those fields or, at one time or another, trained to become one of the above.

Nowhere is musician or any derivative of it mentioned in this diagram. Could it be because musicians are self-employed and thus not included in the survey? Could it be that musicians don’t have the best jobs because they don’t rank high in the criteria of future growth, job security, high income, low stress, and benefit to society?

Am I in the wrong job as a full-time musician?

Robert tried to make me feel better. He pointed out that I am the sales director in our duo. It’s ranked 10th best and also the job with the most flexibility. I am also the product management director of our Monument House Concert Series. That position has the highest future growth.



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2 responses to “Best jobs in America: musicians?

  1. …and it seems to me you are the head of the R&D department, of Logistics & Planning, Public relations, Finance, Control & Quality, Export & Foreign Trade… Also HRM? 🙂

    not for: income, job security, easy work…
    yes for: job satisfaction!

  2. Anne,
    Don’t take the accuracy of this chart too much to heart. My husband is a college professor and his income isn’t even close to the low end of the scale that was presented on the chart. But like Rolf here implies, there is a whole heck of a lot to be said for job satisfaction. -janice

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