Recording our first CD (part 4: release)

In the mad rush to complete the CD before our trip to Taiwan at the end of March, I considered blogging about the final stages of proofreading and changing the CD text. When the proofs were returned via e-mail in PDF format, I spotted a tiny mistake that would make a world of difference. Without the original files, we had to improvise to change the small letter j into a capital letter J. This minor correction took a major portion of our travels in Taipei and Taichung.

The CD printers and pressers in Woerden had promised that the work would take just one week. Naively I expected to see a stack of plastic wrapped CDs upon my return this past week.

The CDs were nowhere in sight.

The delay was caused by a hiccup in the administration of so-called Buma/Stemra forms.

Although we recorded the works of long-dead composers, we were still required to fill out a form and pay Buma/Stemra royalties. This international guardian of musical intellectual property will determine the royalties due to any copyright still in place and refund any amount overcharged.

The Buma/Stemra forms were sent to the CD pressers who failed to forward to us, the performers.

It’s Friday, the last working day of the week. Tomorrow is our sold-out concert in the home of an artist — an event that took three years to realise. It would be a bonus to release our CD in such a special environment, but we hadn’t announced that we would in case we couldn’t.

Will we be able to release our first CD tomorrow?

New CD of Bekkers Piano Guitar Duo

New CD of Bekkers Piano Guitar Duo


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One response to “Recording our first CD (part 4: release)

  1. Rachel

    I’m ready to get mine! Where’s the “buy” button on your website? 🙂

    Good luck with the concert!

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