Who is joining us for the Egyptian dinner?

Monument House in Utrecht

Monument House in Utrecht

Long ago when Emile Kaper, French horn player, and I first discussed the idea of a “glass vase concert” where entry is free but donations to the “glass vase” are asked to help cover the costs, we thought about food. Hungry musicians need to eat —after they play. And musicians love to eat well.

He knew a Thai chef and an Egyptian chef. I knew a Chinese chef. We asked if they were available to cook for us.

Sunday 23rd May 2010 was chosen for this house concert because of the public holiday on Monday and Jeff Abrams’ visit from Houston. Jeff produces mega house concerts that end in a jam session. Indeed this latter aspect is attracting several of my Rotary friends who play music instruments.

Tonight I counted 46 mouths to feed on Sunday 23rd May. Ten more non-dining guests have reserved to come to different concerts. But then there are many more who have not reserved —- and not necessary either, as entrance is entirely FREE! And they can choose which of the 4 concerts to come to. One, two, three, or all!

There are three kinds of attendees for this Sunday’s Glass Vase Concert.

1) Those that come early and don’t stay for dinner.
2) Those that want to stay for dinner usually come just before or at dinner so that can stay for the jam session.
3) Those that come after dinner for the jam session.

In other words, most of the guests are coming for the jam session.

Only a third of them are local (i.e. Utrecht). The rest are coming from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Leiden, Nijmegen, and Eindhoven.

Over half have never been to our Monument House Concert Series in our home.

What will go well with Egyptian dinner and throughout the day? 36 bottles of French wines from a local wine merchant who also plays classical guitar:

  • Chateau Saint Florin 2007 (Bordeaux Rose 12.5%)
  • Blanville Red 2006 (13%)
  • Domaine Du Pere Caboche Sauvignon Blanc 2009 (13%)

And don’t forget 20 litres of home brewed ale and 25 litres of home brewed bitter!



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2 responses to “Who is joining us for the Egyptian dinner?

  1. Two more for dinner, from Den Haag

  2. As at 11:37 PM Total 50 diners including chef, musicians, and hosts…. i.e. 50 mouths to feed. Maybe it’s time to announce — no more dinner reservations?

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