Outsource and automate

After doing the financial summary of the most recent house concert produced in the Monument House Concert Series, I conclude that things can be improved if we make it more efficient from a cost and time point of view. In fact, house concerts can even be extremely profitable. The secret is to

Outsource and automate.

Monument House Concert Series

Monument House Concert Series

Outsource for effectiveness.

Automate for efficiency.

Outsource means getting someone else to do the job. Instead of shopping and doing the cooking ourselves, we hired a professional caterer to provide dinner. We couldn’t have done it better.

  • Order the wine from a wholesale wine merchant
  • Hire a caterer or get a restaurant to provide the food

Automate means making it simple so that we don’t reinvent the wheel each time.

  • Design (once) and use templates for invitation cards, flyers, posters, programme booklets and notes.
  • Make a check list to follow every time.
  • Use a mailing list for invitations.

I must resist the temptation to do everything myself and create new varieties every single time. Tweak it, yes. But don’t re-invent the wheel!


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