House concert producers at Glass Vase Concert

The Glass Vase Concert on 23rd May 2010 was special for several reasons. It was the first concert in the five year history of Monument House Concert Series in which the following occurred:

  • professionally catered dinner (Egyptian cuisine)
  • 2 professional photographers and 1 videographer (film maker) active at work
  • colour programme booklet with commissioned cover art, printed without sponsorship (16-page PDF 324 kB)
  • comprehensive programme notes (6-page PDF 210 kB)
  • a dozen musicians giving 4 different concerts
  • jam session at the end
  • outdoor concert (one of the 4 concerts was given in the back garden)
  • home brewed beer served
  • three kinds of wines served
  • maximum number of people: 80 people flowed through the house
  • cover art auction
  • Baroque cello duo
  • amplification (vocals in the 4th concert)
  • highest cultural diversity index
  • high non-Utrecht representation
  • presence of a musicologist who wrote a review (forthcoming)
  • presence of several concert producers

Each of these characteristics deserves a blog mention.

In terms of locational diversity, there was representation from various cities in the Netherlands (Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Leiden, Nijmegen, Amsterdam, Bilthoven, Zeist, and Utrecht).

In terms of cultural diversity, nearly 20 countries were represented, namely India, Singapore, Vietnam, China, New Zealand, El Salvador, Brazil, Mexico, USA, Egypt, Israel, Russia, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

Most fascinating was the presence of several house concert producers who were able to attend this event because they were not producing their own concerts elsewhere. Photographer Serge van Empelen took the following group photo for memory’s sake.

Concert producers at Glass Vase Concert. Photo: Serge van Empelen

Concert producers at Glass Vase Concert. Photo: Serge van Empelen

From left: Between Bart and Erik of Funen Concerts Art Productions in Amsterdam is Emile Kaper, French horn player and part of the Glass Vase Concert organising committee together with Anne Ku and Robert Bekkers (second row) of the Monument House Concert Series. Next to Anne Ku, in front row, is special guest Jeff Abrams from Houston, Texas, famous for 14 years of producing outdoor house concert series which end with one or more parallel jam sessions. Far right is Edo Vriend who organises house concerts in Amsterdam with his friends Egon and Jos.



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  1. This is a fantastic blog you have here. I visit here every week. I have already subscribed to your rss feed to help me stay update with your publication. Are you on twitter so that I can follow you?

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  3. Looks good I will be visiting Holland in May and June it might be an option to seduce my lady friend to an evening of food and music

    What dates are the performances

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