Is a house concert an idea virus?

It occurred to me while finishing my paper on house concerts for art music for the cultural economics conference in Copenhagen this week that house concerts are an idea virus.

Monument House Concert Series in Utrecht, Netherlands

Monument House Concert Series in Utrecht, Netherlands

According to Seth Godin who invented the term, viral marketing is a specific kind of idea virus (ideavirus). His new book which began as a blog describes how ideas spread. Free ideas spread faster than expensive ones. In reading What makes an idea viral? I saw that house concerts are indeed viral.

I wrote in my paper, “Once you have had a positive experience at a house concert, it changes your perception of live music. You want to go again. You want to take someone with you.”

I know from producing house concerts that the return rate of a guest is very high. Returnees decline invitations only if they cannot come. Otherwise they definitely want to come.

Reading Mike Maddaloni’s first house concert experience one can see how enjoyable (and addictive) a house concert can be. Is it the personal nature, intimate surroundings, small space, warm hospitality, or all of the above that make a house concert the ideal way to experience live music and the way an artist delivers it?

If house concerts are truly viral, then surely musicians should all be doing house concerts! What is the catch?


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