Video from Glass Vase House Concert

A few weeks ago, I received a DVD of video clips from the Glass Vase House Concert of 23rd May 2010 from Julian Scaff, the videographer and film maker. These clips, of varying lengths and file sizes, bring back sweet memories of that long day of sunshine, live music, Egyptian dinner, home brewed beer, French wines, and delightful conversation.

During the first concert, something else was happening in the kitchen.

The second concert was divided into indoors (Baroque cello duo) and outdoors (harp). Here I am outdoors, in front of the garden house.

How can I get the video clips to the performers?

Even earlier, the photographer Serge van Empelen sent me a CD containing his art photos of the musicians. How do I display these for all to see and use?

These are all huge files — to big to send by e-mail. Someone with time, interest, and the right set of skills would be able to make a nice little movie of clips from the concert and a nice photo album. Any volunteers? Or should we have another concert to view the videos?


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