William of Rotterdam strikes again: football and music

Inspired by my latest blog “Holland: world cup orange fever,” young William of Rotterdam produced two drawings before end of the day. [Click on picture to get bigger version.]

World Cup 2010: Netherlands vs Spain by William of Rotterdam, 8 July 2010

World Cup 2010: Netherlands vs Spain by William of Rotterdam, 8 July 2010

William plays the piano and will be attending our piano guitar duo concert tomorrow afternoon in Rotterdam. I had phoned him yesterday to confirm that he was definitely coming. It will be one year next month since his first flash of inspiration to draw our piano guitar duo. I am looking forward to seeing this young and talented tri-lingual 8-year old in the audience and after the concert.

Who will win the World Cup 2010? drawing by William of Rotterdam, 8 July 2010

Who will win the World Cup 2010? drawing by William of Rotterdam, 8 July 2010


please LEAVE A REPLY below if you are interested in the high resolution (150 dpi) versions of these original drawings for printing.



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17 responses to “William of Rotterdam strikes again: football and music

  1. Betty Goldiamond

    What a treat for the grandmother of William of Orange to run across on a very hot afternoon in Chicago! I am still working to decipher the backward message on the top of the drawing, but I believe it may say something like HECZ:Go. Maybe somebody else will reveal the real meaning to me. Meanwhile, my congratulations to all who’re on the Right Side, and of, course that includes William of Orange.

    • William of Rotterdam

      Dear Grandmommy,
      The first picture with the backwards writing says that The Netherlands is beating Spain nine to zero.
      Thank you for commenting. Yesterday I went to Anne and Robert’s concert with Dad and it was great.

  2. Lisa Plymate

    William does it again!! Excellent pictures, and I love the colors. I like the music/soccer theme – Go, William! You just scored big!

    • William of Rotterdam

      Dear Lisa
      Thanks for your nice comments.
      Are you for The Netherlands or Spain on Sunday’s match?

      William of Rotterdam

  3. Joe Goldiamond

    One of the things I like about William’s pictures is that there’s always a lot going on. There’s a narrative. I love the drawing of the guitar!

  4. Mary Helen

    William, I loved your interesting drawings. They really do tell a story of what is going on in the world today. Thank you sharing with me.
    I have not had the pleasure of meeting you but I am Uncle David’s mom…

  5. Mary Helen

    Dear William,

    I love your drawings regarding events taking place. You really have depicted the ongoing new. I feel honored to receive them.
    I have not had the pleasure of meeting you but have heard so many nice things about you.
    Awaiting more of your drawings,
    Sincerely, Your uncle David’s mom, Mary Helen

  6. Maria Kaminstein

    William, those little people on the soccer field remind me of musical notes – all mixing their own melody. Keep on drawing – there’s so much in every picture to ponder.

  7. Victor Chapman

    Wow, William!

    Super wow, with nuts, chocolate, and a cherry on top!

    I’m ALWAYS for the Dutch – win, lose, or draw. Of the teams I’ve seen they are by FAR the most fluid, zipping players. Above all they’re having a good time playing dynamite football.

    That’s always winning in my book.

    And I see that same fluid zip in your pictures, especially the last one. I love music, and drawing instruments in the act of making it, too. Yours are rockin’ and a boppin’ til the whole arena’s hoppin’

    I can hear them playing.


    Is there any chance I can hear a song that you play?

    Your dad will tell you I lo-o-o-o-ove music, and play it, too. I play guitar mostly, but some piano, and a horn called a Xaphoon, too.

    Above all, I want to hear a piano song you made up. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but from your drawing I KNOW you’ve got songs just wriggling and giggling to get out.



    May you both play as winners wherever you go.

    Victor of Green Oregon

    PS I’ll try to send your dad (but really you) some rough MP3s of me playing guitar, including one song I made up.

    Let me know what you think.

    Again, your drawings are TERRIFIC!!!!


    • William of Rotterdam

      Dear Victor
      Thank you for writing such a long comment.Me and my dad received your music on monday and it was great. How do you play so many instruments at your age? Who wasn’t for The Netherlands?!!!

  8. Robert

    Great to see you at our concert yesterday. Nice that you drew my favorite instrument. Hope to see you again soon.

  9. John Stuckey Of Maryland

    I enjoy following your art on this website. I wish I was in Europe to see some of these concerts with you and your Dad. But, since that’s not possible right now, I think you did a very good job of showing that the excitement of these concerts are quite as exciting as world class soccer. Keep up the good work. John Stuckey, USA

  10. John Stuckey Of Maryland

    I love following your art on this wedsite. I wish I could see one of these concerts with you and your dad, but I can’t make it to Europe right now. You did a very good job of showing that these concerts are as exciting as world class soccer.
    John, USA

  11. Chris Losch from PA

    What wonderful pictures! I hear the music floating among the teams! Keep playing and drawing!
    Chris (a friend of your dad)

  12. Cousin Sarah

    What creative pictures! I especially enjoyed the swirly letters of “goal” and how you combined music with soccer. I could almost feel the excitement that Holland must have had before the game on Sunday. Sorry your team lost, we were rooting for you! There is always 2014…
    Sarah, Michael, Liora, and Noam

  13. Shana

    Hi William,

    Sorry we were on vacation when your pictures were posted but I am going through my emails now and just noticed this website with your great pictures. Too bad about the game…We rooted for the Netherlands, as well. But being #2 in the world is not too bad, either, you must admit!

    Your pictures have a lot of movement in them and I could almost hear the music! Love you!

    Aunt Shana

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