Ricciotti Ensemble and Pinocchio in Utrecht

There is something daring and exciting about a touring youth orchestra that makes me long to relive my life as a string player, audition while at conservatory, and spend every summer traveling in Europe. I am, regrettably, many years too late and playing the wrong instrument to be part of this street orchestra called Ricciotti.

Now in its 40th year, the Netherlands based Ricciotti Ensemble has come of age, with a commission of a new opera delivered by the team of composer Guus Janssen, librettist Friso Haverkamp, and stage director Miranda Lakerveld.

Ricciotti Ensemble on the beach

Ricciotti Ensemble on the beach. Photo: Hans Hijmering

I am sure anyone who sees a performance of the 40-member Ricciotti Ensemble would want to join an orchestra. Everyone wants to belong. Everyone wants to have fun. Who doesn’t? Playing a musical instrument is your ticket to a lifetime of fun. I can attest to that. But can anyone under age 30 pass the auditions to join this lively orchestra?

The ensemble is taking their varied programmes and the new opera “Pinocchio in Love” on tour in Sicily in October 2010. Here is my review of their premiere in Utrecht: Ricciotti Ensemble premieres Pinocchio in Love, Le Bon Journal 20 July 2010. And for the first time, a Dutch translation of my review, thanks to my neighbour, the Dutch composer Mari-anne Hof who went to the premiere with me.

Ricciotti Ensemble and Pinocchio in Love opera by Guus Janssen

Ricciotti Ensemble. Photo: Hans Hijmering


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