Our first CD: now what?

It’s been 9 years since Robert Bekkers and Anne Ku first began playing music for guitar and piano. The long and winding road has ended in the release of the duo’s first CD SUMMER. What next?

Now that we’ve learned what it takes to make a CD, we are already planning on the next CDs. We are always looking forward in time. There is so much music to be played.

But wait!!!!

In the meantime, what do we do with our first CD?

Let CDBABY do its magic? Distribute to all who pays? Amazon, itunes, etc.?

The first to respond to our news on Facebook was an enthusiastic friend from high school. Are there discounts for Kubasaki graduates?

I replied,”You get a discount when you buy the CD at our live concerts.”

But we’re not performing where you are, I neglected to say. “How about organising a concert for us? Then we’ll send you a CD.”

There are many ways to hear us live.

1- Come to a concert.

2- Get someone else near you to organise a concert for us so you can attend.

3- Organise a concert in your home, office, or anywhere you have access to.

4- Find decision makers who organise concerts and put us in contact with them.

Getting our first CD out is the first step to getting more concerts, more easily, and in more places. But how do we get the CDs to those who can get us more concerts?

“How’s this? Let me send you the CDs,” I wrote. “It will cost me euro 5.70 in postage to mail you 3 CDs. It will cost 30 eurocents for a CD envelope. That’s 6 euros = 8 US dollars in postage and packing.  How about 3 CDs for the price of 2?”

Any suggestions?



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2 responses to “Our first CD: now what?

  1. Rachel

    I looked for you on iTunes; is the album available there yet?

  2. For those who write to me and ask for signed copies, we will do so and send them from Europe. Just ask.

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