The value of signed CDs

What is the value of a signed CD? i.e. a CD signed by the artist(s)?

What does it represent? That you have been at their concerts? That you have met them in person? Or that you know the artists personally?

Do signed CDs increase the value of the CDs?

Or do they trigger memories of your meeting?

I have a signed CD of the late pianist Glenn Corneille. I didn’t know if he was famous when he was still alive or more famous after his death. I was simply introduced to him at a concert of his. A mere conversation gave me a feeling of what a nice person he was. He was an incredibly talented young man who died in a car accident before he became world famous. Every time I open the CD and turn it on, I am reminded of the great loss. When I see his signature, I remember that night when Robert Bekkers took me to see him play.

As we sign copies of our first CD before sending them by Dutch airmail to purchasers in Virginia and Houston, I wonder what would happen when we finally figure out a fast and efficient way to distribute signed copies of our CDs to those who request for them. Right now, our CDs are available through CDBABY unsigned.

Tomorrow afternoon, we will give a one hour concert in Amsterdam where we will also be signing and selling our CDs. Afterwards we will drink the organic wine on sale and eat and get to know our audience.

In the evening we will go to the free outdoor concert of the American singer songwriter Rich Wyman at RCN Grote Bos in Doorn, a village near where we live. I am sure we will be buying a signed copy of his CD — he has seven to sell.

A signed copy of a CD triggers the memory of your meeting and the event with the artist(s). And memories are priceless.


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