How to blog and get found

Many people have asked me why I blog. Why did I start blogging in 1999? Why did I continue?

There are many reasons why I started and continued. I will save that for another blog post. The important thing I want to get across is to get your blog found by others. You can do active promoting by telling people “Hey! I just wrote something. Here it is. Please read it” or you can just wait to be discovered by the way you write your blog.

There is a certain art to writing a blog to get it found. It’s not your everyday writing. You have to pay attention to the words you use and the hyperlinks you make.

Anne Ku, editor, Le Bon Journal

Anne Ku, editor, Le Bon Journal

A blog is almost exactly the opposite of an e-mail campaign that can be interpreted as spam. You readers come to you rather than the other way around.

One of the reasons for blogging on the CONCERTBLOG is to find those readers that are interested in the things I’m interested in: music, economics, concertizing or concertising, chamber music, classical music, concert touring, attending concerts, producing concerts, collaborating, writing programme notes, researching composers, performance excellence, and so on.

If you’d ask me to give a course on “blogging to be found,” I’d propose the following outline.

NEW COURSE: Blogging to be found on the Internet

  • Your objective, motive, goals: why you want and need to blog
  • Choice of blog platform: own website, free blog engines, other
  • The topics you want to write about: can we summarise in a single theme
  • The routine and practice of blogging: inspiration, negativity, demotivation, feedback
  • Basic writing rules: against plagiarism, respect reciprocation
  • Building your readership and expanding your community
  • Writing for online reading is different from print; organising your content
  • Choosing your words, tags, categories, and “alt”
  • Social networking tools to promote your blog
  • Optimal image size for fast download


  • Access to your own computer
  • Already have a blog or intend to start one
  • The will to learn and the stamina to continue

To subscribe or express interest in this course, LEAVE A REPLY below with your location and time of availability (date or period). It will not be published if you indicate so.



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  1. Nicky

    Interested! May be need to phone soon and have a chat? 🙂

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