Breaking news: Hampton, CT concert SOLD OUT!

What sweet, sweet music to my ears to get a message that a concert has been sold out. All 32 seats in a house built in 1730 (?) – part of the North Meadow House Concert Series in Hampton, Connecticut — have been sold. The waiting list has started.

Sold out concerts with a waiting list removes the uncertainty of audience development.

It’s the best thing that can happen before a concert.

In this case, it’s a month before the concert even begins.

The story of how this concert got scheduled must be told. I have not met the host. But I feel I already know him

It’s the first concert that was booked for our America tour.



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3 responses to “Breaking news: Hampton, CT concert SOLD OUT!

  1. Congrats to you!!!!! Wonderful news. I’ll be soon replying to your comment, by the way, and thank you for that also. Off to practice now! I’m committed a particular schedule right now : )

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