Autumn in New England (part one)

Autumn in New England: from Boston to Connecticut and north to Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts, guitar music along the way.


Massachusetts and Connecticut

There is something magical about waking up in a warm bed to discover a breathtaking view of autumn colours.

Morning in Western Massachusetts
Morning in Western Massachusetts

It’s nearly 23 degrees Celsius in the shade in Western Massachusetts, in what’s known as Pioneer Valley. Robert is running and enjoying the warm weather, while I am trying to upload videos to share. In a couple of hours, we will drive to Shelburne Falls to give a house concert. [Concert will be dedicated to a fallen soldier buried in Maastricht.]

All along the drive from Massachusetts to Connecticut and back, we took in the different shades of yellow, orange, red, and green. This autumn in New England is completely different from the autumns in the Netherlands. It’s dry, crisp, warm, colourful, and three-dimensional.

In the rental car, we listened to new CDs given by the musicians who helped to realise our USA concert tour. The solo guitar music of composer, guitarist, festival-extraordinaire Frank Wallace is mesmerizing.

Later between Hampton and Dayville in Connecticut, we listened to the guitar duo of Mark and Beverly Davis. Beautiful! Simply beautiful music! On the way to Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, we listened to the CD “Ayres and Dances” again until I just had to play track 8 on the piano when we arrived.

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5 thoughts on “Autumn in New England (part one)”

  1. What a beautiful blog posting! I adore the music of Frank Wallace (I went to concerts by Nancy and Frank many years ago, but have not personally seen him/re-met him recently, but am planning to buy a few of his new CDs and hoping to get to NH some time soon).

    I met Mark Davis about 6 months ago (even though we had emailed back and forth for a year before that) when we drove down to CT, where he gave my trio (Trio Cordefiato: flute, clarinet, guitar) a wonderful coached session, and he and Beverly invited us all to stay for dinner (he barbecued and we ate and talked for hours). I love some of the music he and Beverly have put up on YouTube, especially a piece by Maria Linnemann; and I’m trying to get back down to CT to hear Mark play in some of his other musical groups. What a lovely man, and outstanding teacher/coach (he was the first teacher of the guitarist in my trio, Sean, when Sean was studying math at Brown Univ. in Providence). Now I realize I must get a copy of the “Ayres and Dances” CD.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog.
    With all best wishes,
    Laura Finkelstein (flutist, Boston area)

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