Autumn in New England (part four)

Boston, Massachusetts

I often look at a building or a scenery and think how nice it would be to have a photographer with us. As events unravel, I dare to dream about bringing a film maker along as well. I wish there’s more time to write or a budget to bring a writer with us on this tour. There is too much to write about and remember.

Within our busy schedule of trying to navigate from A to B, there was not enough time to take photographs or video, let alone switch on my laptop, connect to the Internet, and write a blog.

What follows below are cryptic notes to trigger future blog topics.

Wednesday 20th October 2010
Visit to New England Conservatory: Jason, a graduate composition student took us on a tour of the oldest music school in the USA, which houses 5 concert halls, career office including a “gig” database, alumni office, financial aid office, admissions office in 4 buildings in central Boston.

The oldest conservatory in the Netherlands is Utrecht Conservatory (my alma mater), but there is no career or alumni office. The closest thing to that is Facebook.

That evening, my friend, whom I had not seen for 22 years, took me to her yoga class and treated me to a Chinese foot massage to give me a good rest before our first concert on Thursday 21st October 2010.

Thursday 21 October 2010 Concert at St John’s Episcopal Church in Jamaica Plain, Boston
Excellent acoustics.Very receptive audience. Generous concert producer. Post-concert festivities.

Friday 22 October 2010 House Concert in Newton, Massachusetts
The artistic director and concert producer of JP Concerts drove us to our next location after midnight. It was the home of a Suzuki piano teacher who often accommodated international musicians on tour. She made blueberry muffins for us to consume the next morning for breakfast.

House concert in Newton, Massachusetts

House concert in Newton, Massachusetts

Robert woke up at 8 am to practise his guitar in the basement. There was a fire heating up the living room and surrounding area when I walked downstairs. We decided to play Dutch composer Heleen Verleur’s Fire to thank the Suzuki piano teacher for her hospitality.

Fire at the house concert in Newton, Massachusetts

Fire at the house concert in Newton, Massachusetts


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