Musical tales of love and lust: benefit concert for Woodstock Library

In the afternoon of Wednesday 27 October 2010, we crossed the border of Western Massachusetts to upstate New York to visit the composer and pianist Daniel Abrams and his wife Sonia. We first met them in Netherlands, where Daniel gave a masterclass at the Utrecht Conservatory in April 2009.

I was so moved by Daniel’s interpretation of the Chaconne on Dido’s Lament that he composed and recorded on his CD “Opera for Piano” that I just had to ask for the score to play it myself. Thus began a journey to understand the composer and his wife who have traveled the world and inspired many people, including the pianist Alan Weiss.

Woodstock is famous for the Woodstock Festival which never took place in Woodstock because it became too big for the town. Except for a short walk in the woods the next morning, we did not have time to look around Woodstock.

We were too early for the next public concert of Daniel Abrams. But we’re not too late to share it on this blog. The beautiful coloured poster tells it all below.

Daniel Abrams Woodstock Concert 13 November 2010 8 pm

Daniel Abrams Woodstock Concert 13 November 2010 8 pm

On Saturday 13th November 2010, Robert will be appearing in a fundraising concert in Houston.


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