Practising video interviews in San Francisco

To do a documentary film, you need material. As we did not have any film makers traveling with us, we resorted to trying to do it ourselves.

You learn a lot when you do it yourself. You need to be open to experimentation and error. It takes time. But it can be fun.

It’s not easy to video an interview from a Sony Ericsson mobile phone that’s reaching its end of life. We started on the tram F towards Embarcadero in San Francisco.

We struck up a conversation with MJ, a volunteer tour guide of Couch Surfers International. He introduced himself as someone who was born and raised in San Francisco.

Robert asked, “and where do you live now?”

MJ replied, “in San Francisco.”

The entire time while experiencing our first tram ride in San Francisco, I was busy texting someone I had not seen in 25 years. It’s the story of our concert tour —- meeting people we’ve never met before, reconnecting with people from the past, and befriending new people we meet along the way.

We got off at Pier 43 at Fisherman’s Wharf. MJ, our personal guide, led us along the pier.

We arrived at the “In and Out” burger restaurant. Apparently there is a secret menu that tourists don’t know about. MJ taught us how to order from the secret menu.

“Double double animal style with animal style fries and a neopolitan shake.”


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