San Francisco Conservatory of Music

A visit to San Francisco Conservatory


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18 November 2010

We arrived in San Francisco last evening after flying from Denver towards the sunset for nearly 3 hours. It was the first time on this tour that we had to figure out how to get from the airport into town. Not that it was difficult, it was extremely easy to follow the directions to the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit).

We were simply out of practice, after a month of traveling, getting picked up and dropped off at airports, and hosted by old and new friends we made along the way. You could say that we had gotten used to 5-star hospitality that included getting picked up, accommodated, fed, and delivered.

Today we walked up 9th street to Market and towards the San Francisco Conservatory.

A student sat at the front entrance ready to welcome and help us.We had checked on the conservatory website earlier and invited others to join us in the free concerts that evening. We wanted to be sure the concerts were taking place in that building.

“Hello,” I said. “Could you tell me if the guitar recital and the chamber music concert are here tonight?”

Esteban, a viola student, replied that they were and offered to take us there.

From the balcony level of the recital hall, we could see that a rehearsal was in full swing. The conductor was instructing his early music ensemble what was happening in what-seemed-like an opera or oratorio. We waited until he started conducting. The sound was magical.

It took me back to my days at the conservatory. I remembered it was a time of bliss — the pursuit of beauty and perfection. Life after conservatory was rather different.

Esteban took us to the concert hall, where a rehearsal of the New Music Ensemble was in session

That was nearly 6 hours ago. Soon we will walk to Max’s restaurant to meet a composer for dinner and then the concert at 8 pm.

I will go to the piano and strings chamber music concert while Robert will, of course, attend the guitar recital. Maybe he can lure some guitarists to come to our concert on Saturday — in a loft apartment on 10th street. Only 6 seats left. Booking information here.

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