Make-over a la Maui

Every day Robert checks his iphone for the weather in the Netherlands and reports what he is not missing.

“It’s freezing in Holland now.”


“Our friends are not getting enough vitamin D because there’s not enough sunshine to process it.”


“It’s wet and cold today in Amsterdam.”

The daily temperatures in Maui hover in the 20’s (Celsius) — or between 65 and 86 Fahrenheit.

We have crossed two oceans and a continent, traveled 5.5 weeks, and passed through 8 states to get to the Hawaiian islands. We are 11 time zones away from the Netherlands (12 during daylight savings) — nearly half-way around the world.

I still can’t quite believe that we are here in the aloha state for the winter.

As the tropical sun warms our skins, we begin to relax and dream of a different future from the past.

Robert sees the big cars he wants to drive and the beaches that beckon him everyday. Here is his make-over.

Robert Bekkers in Maui

Dutch guitarist on Maui


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