Passion and patronage for the arts

Arts patronage is necessary for the arts to thrive and flourish. There are many ways to support the arts. One example is someone who connects artists to opportunities. Linda Marroquin supports the arts by doing not only that but also turning her home into a venue and gallery called the Audley Society in Houston.


When you’re passionate about something, you do it. You tell people about it, and you share it. You support it by doing it and sharing it.

What if you’re a connoisseur of the arts? You may not necessarily engage in it as in drawing, painting, designing, composing, performing, or live as an artist, musician, writer, or any of those activities that are considered creative or artistic. However, you may very well attend gallery openings and concerts or be a regular museum visitor. There’s nothing wrong with that. But you can do more.

You can be a patron for the arts.

These are people who have the passion but who also support the arts through any of the following activities:

  • connect people by introducing artists to patrons, consumers, and others who provide opportunities
  • engage or hire artists such as concert producers, venue owners, and gallery owners
  • sponsor artists or events that employ artists
  • collaborate with artists or those that employ artists to make the events possible or affordable
  • create opportunities for artists
  • provide material for artists: photographs, video, transportation, accommodation, publicity, etc.

Our 5 week concert tour in the USA would not have been possible without these patrons. They may not even know they are patrons. Arts patronage is not a job or a recognised label but it is a necessary function for the arts to thrive.

One of the aims of this CONCERTBLOG is to explore the what it takes to allow the arts to flourish in our society. There will be another blog post on what economists call transaction costs — the cost of doing or making something happen. In the arts, such as producing a concert, the transaction costs are very high. As a result, not everyone involved in the arts are paid what they’re worth (or paid at all).

Arts patrons volunteer their time, service, intellect, contacts, and other resources to support the arts.

One example of an arts patron who has helped us greatly is a lady I met on the plane from Baltimore to Houston in July 2000. She is one of those people who exudes a presence without saying anything. She is a connector — someone who sees similarities, opportunities, and connects people to one another.

She made it possible for us to stopover in Houston to give two house concerts in December 2007. She introduced us to Jeff Abrams who hosted our last concert in Houston. She introduced us to Michael Woodson who interviewed us on KPFT Houston radio station. Through her connections, she found the right person to invite us to fly to Houston for a private concert.

She turned her beautiful home into a gallery and concert venue to support the arts. She is not an artist or a musician. But she loves the arts. She loves to support the arts.

She is Linda Marroquin. Her next event of the Audley Society is on Political Art, beginning on 19th December 2010.

Upstairs in the venue of Audley Society, Houston, Texas
Upstairs in the venue of Audley Society, Houston, Texas

Join the Audley Society and proprietor Linda Marroquin as they embark on a political journey; an adventure undertaken to celebrate the victorious artistic endeavors of 9 Texas Artists; an exhibition of individual theories and ideologies that shape the way in which these artist speak out about issues very dear to their hearts, and how these unique perspectives change the way they see the world and produce their artwork. The show is curated by Janet Hassinger.

Reveal the Lies: An Artistic Call to Action includes the works of Amita Bhatt, Lydia Bodnar-Balahutrak, George Bowes, Gabriel Diego Delgado, Janet Hassinger, Maria Cristina Jadick, Bert Long, Keith J. R. Hollingsworth, and Mary Jenewein.

The Exhibition is on display from December 19, 2010 – January 31, 2011, with an artist reception on December 19, 2010 from 1 pm – 6 pm. The closing events with dates to be announced will include a salon style discussion with Renowned News Anchors.

Author: BLOGmaiden

As one of the earliest bloggers (since 1999), I enjoy meeting people who embrace "out-of-the-box" thinking and fear not the unknown. I believe in collaboration for sustainability because it increases stakeholder value.

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