House concerts: a cottage industry

House concerts for classical musicians as a way to travel, network, and make a living.


I’m very happy to see someone else writing about house concerts for classical musicians, showing that we’re not the only ones doing it and pushing for it. Collaborative Piano Blog has a page to various links. I’d like to add my own.

House concerts for art music: multiple stake holders, audience development, and sustainability (14-page PDF) – introduction to house concerts through summary of interviews with house concert producers, home owners, musicians, etc.

House concert for your friends: how to get your friends to organise a concert for you in their home

House concert kit: guides to producing a house concert with links to other great starter articles

Audience development: the art of creating demand

What I really should do is to categorise and index various self-help articles for musicians, instead of writing new articles. Perhaps I could make these into an e-book?