House concerts: a cottage industry

I’m very happy to see someone else writing about house concerts for classical musicians, showing that we’re not the only ones doing it and pushing for it. Collaborative Piano Blog has a page to various links. I’d like to add my own.

House concerts for art music: multiple stake holders, audience development, and sustainability (14-page PDF) – introduction to house concerts through summary of interviews with house concert producers, home owners, musicians, etc.

House concert for your friends: how to get your friends to organise a concert for you in their home

House concert kit: guides to producing a house concert with links to other great starter articles

Audience development: the art of creating demand

What I really should do is to categorise and index various self-help articles for musicians, instead of writing new articles. Perhaps I could make these into an e-book?



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4 responses to “House concerts: a cottage industry

  1. Thanks for the mention, you guys! I’ve added this article and the links you mentioned to the original post.

  2. Another blog post: Salon concerts – another name for house concerts? and interesting comments on the post itself:

  3. A very comprehensive piece by Fran Snyder, the singer/songwriter who founded Concerts in Your Home – and actively writes about house concerts. To what extent can classical music house concerts learn from them?

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