Rob Judkins art for Rob Bekkers music

An original artwork such as the acrylic painting of piano and guitar by Georgia-based artist Rob Judkins gets used for CD cover art and concert posters, inspire musicians and music lovers.


“Where shall I send your painting?” asked Georgia-based artist Rob Judkins.

Before I answer that question, let me share with you what we have done with images of that maginificent acrylic painting of piano and guitar — a painting which we have yet to see and touch in real life. We musicians are in Maui, 5 hour time zones from Georgia and an overnight flight away. I have not seen Rob Judkins since high school. I desperately want to see the painting, but I also want to display it in a location where I can show it to others. In fact, I want to show this 32″x48″ painting wherever I go, not just in Maui, but also San Francisco, London, Amsterdam, and Utrecht. Can I take the painting on the road like the way I can with our music?

Bekkers Piano Guitar Duo Live in Makawao CD label
Bekkers Piano Guitar Duo Live in Makawao CD label

The stack of 99 CDs sit on the shelf. The first person to buy this CD was the host of a house concert in upper Kula. Who will be the lucky 2nd, 3rd, etc?

We will, of course, give copies to the living composers whose works we played in the Makawao Union Church concert in Maui in December 2007: Allan Segall in Amsterdam, Henk Alkema in Utrecht, Erik Otte in Haarlem, and Lan-Chee Lam in Toronto. We will send copies to the artist Rob Judkins in Columbus, Georgia.

We will post 5 copies to CDBABY where the physical album will be sold for $39 each — limited edition. We want to encourage people to come to our concerts or, better, organise concerts for us. At these live concerts, we will sell them for $20 to $25 each. Bulk orders get a discount.

We will bring them to the Maui Rotary Club this coming Thursday 3rd February 2011 when Robert Bekkers gives a solo concert at their weekly luncheon.

Images of Rob Judkins’ acryllic painting were also used in the publicity for the forthcoming house concert in Wells, Maine.

Guitar meets piano at Meetinghouse concert in Wells, Maine
Guitar meets piano at Meetinghouse concert in Wells, Maine

Download the one page colour PDF of the above poster here. How wonderful to have original artwork to promote music both recorded and live!

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