Multi-hand piano duets in San Francisco

I received 42 duets from 30 composers for the CALL FOR SCORES of multi-hand piano duets for a sightreading competition.

On Sunday 15th May 2011, pianists gathered in a beautiful 120-year-old Victorian mansion in Duboce Park in San Francisco to try the new music. Two SF-based composers attended the event and talked about their work. As far as I know, it was the first event of its kind — and largely inspired by the idea that true sightreading can only occur if the performers have never seen or heard the music beforehand — i.e. still in the minds of the composers.

Here is a one-page PDF summary of my piano teaching thesis on sightreading (2008).

I will be writing about the music, the experience, and more on this blog in 2 weeks’ time.

Watch this space.

5 pianists playing The Pischna Polka by Elizabeth Lauer

5 pianists playing The Pischna Polka by Elizabeth Lauer



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