Glass works on water at the Monument House Utrecht

After the thirty black chairs have been folded and removed from the ground floor, the Monument House is once again spacious and full of potential. Two days after the last concert of 2nd July 2011, I asked Brendan Kinsella to play something on the piano so I could capture that feeling of peace and freedom. That afternoon before he left for the Hague, we were sightreading the multi-hand piano duets I had collected — and thus the sheet music scattered on the floor. Earlier that morning, pianist Nathanael May, who gave the previous concert on 1st July, had left for Milan, Italy to open the annual contemporary music festival he founded in 2005 and still directs.

I had first heard Philip Glass’ Glass Works played at a house concert in San Francisco. The seemingly endless ripples on water fits well with the art exhibition of images of water by Liz Miller who curates for the Webster University Art Gallery in Leiden, Netherlands. This exhibit was first set up in October 2009 to coincide with the solo guitar concert of South African composer and guitarist Derek Gripper.

The Monument House has welcomed many musicians and music lovers.



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