Boston hibiscus in Maui

The announcement of a new acryllic painting by my friend Rob Judkins in Columbus, Georgia made me stop and ponder.

Rob (whom I’ve always called Robby) and I went to high school in Okinawa, Japan where hibiscuses are very common. We have a variety of flowers in our garden in Utrecht, Netherlands — but no hibiscuses. After many years of not seeing such tropical and subtropical flowers in Europe, I nearly forgot how beautiful they are.

When I went to Maui in 2010, I saw them again. Hibiscus reminds me of my wonderful childhood in Okinawa.

Boston Hybrid Hibiscus 4x36 acrylic on canvas by Rob Judkins

Boston Hybrid Hibiscus 4x36 acrylic on canvas by Rob Judkins

Rob Judkins wrote in his e-mail of “Rob’s Latest Painting” the following passage:

The Boston Hybrid Hibiscus is one of my favorite flowers in my yard. The blooms are as large as a dinner plate and last only one day. The plant is about five feet tall and five feet wide. Every morning during June and July and into August there are 10 to 15 new flowers.

Dutch guitarist Robert Bekkers is on his way to Boston. I presume the Boston Hybrid Hibiscus comes from Boston otherwise it wouldn’t have the name. I am on my way to Maui. We will live apart for some time to come — he pursuing full-time studies in Boston while I find my feet in Maui juggling my passions of yoga, music, writing, and more.

I hope to see a Boston Hybrid Hibiscus when I am in Maui.


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