Chopin in the movie Margin Call

The movie “Margin Call” takes place in the space of 24-hours. In that time, someone is fired, a model gets completed, the results are communicated, decisions are made, actions are taken, reputations are ruined, and the financial crisis is triggered.

While waiting for dawn to break, head honcho Sam Rogers (Kevin Spacey) drifts off to sleep at his desk. We hear the second part of Chopin’s famous prelude, also known as “The Raindrop.”  It’s not the raindrops we hear but the growing sound of a storm coming. It starts low and builds in strength and range. When it finally reaches its peak, Rogers jolts from his nap and the headphones fall off. The music stops. He awakes.

Middle part of Chopin's Prelude 28 no. 15 "The Raindrop"

Middle part of Chopin's Prelude 28 no. 15 "The Raindrop"

The piano solo score can be downloaded for free from the IMLSLP Library. Listen to Horowitz play this famous work.

Click HERE for a good analysis of the movie “Margin Call” and analogies.



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4 responses to “Chopin in the movie Margin Call

  1. Maurice

    I was looking all over for this! thank you. I love this blog!

  2. Tim

    like Maurice I’ve been searching out this song… time to get into a little Chopin! any suggestions re. composers to listen to that have a similar “sound” to this piece? thanks!

  3. Brian

    Thanks. I also have been searching for this. Loved that music and, after your explanation, I see that it is an even better fit for that moment on the film.

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