Reflecting on Christmas, in Maui

The last two weeks of the year have always served as goal posts, a.k.a. deadlines, a marathon that began 50 weeks ago that ended in a sprint. Every year, wherever I lived, I looked forward to those two weeks of stillness — a.k.a. peace on earth — a time to unwind, to stand still, and to stop.

Full stop.

In the madness to get there, I had set a deadline of Wednesday 12th day of the 12th month, this year of 2012 A.D. to finish a report. My colleagues wanted closure, and so did I. In the final moments, I waited till 3:15 pm, while the report was being “brewed” to perfection, and left for Roselani Place, an upscale residence for the elderly, to give a one hour Christmas Carol concert. The audience had already sat for nearly 30 minutes, having been told the concert was to begin at 3 pm instead of 3:30 pm as I had on my calendar.

Upon returning to the office, I was delighted to see that the report was ready for submission. 5 pm. SENT. I could now focus the remaining Thursday and Friday on clearing up, one final piano class, entering grades, and configuring the auto-responder for my well-deserved 2-week vacation.

The next deadline was 6:20 pm Kahului Airport to receive my childhood friend LL who had booked her first class return flight from Colorado as early as July. My cottage wasn’t “quite ready” but I had cleaned the floor and made it at least respectable, despite the clutter of unopened bills, previous drafts of reports, all piled in a criss-cross fashion, i.e. chaos.


  • Wed 12 Dec Report submission. LL arrives from Denver via LA.
  • Thurs 13 Dec House-sitting appointment.
  • Fri 14 Dec Last piano class. RB arrives from Boston, via Phoenix.
  • Sat 15 Dec Swap Meet. Last visit to office.
  • Sun 16 Dec Birthday barbecue in Kula.
  • Mon 17 Dec Vacation begins. Drive to West Side of Maui.


Today I read of high surf advisory at the north shore. LL and RB went south instead, to catch some gentler waves while I cleared up the beautiful plantation house we’re to reconvene for a Christmas barbecue later on.

Before I get under the outdoor shower, let me pause for reflection.

I’m thinking of my friend Suntea in Colorado Springs, just a week before his 49th birthday, in hospital. I cannot imagine a worse place to be. Meanwhile I am here with my sister and mother who live nearby.

I want to thank all those who helped us reach our goals — RB pursuing his DMA in Boston and I reinventing myself in paradise. It’s hard to believe that we have actually achieved what we said we wanted to do in late 2010.

The future? Next steps? It’s time to make new goals.

Merry Christmas, all my friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, past and present!!


Author: BLOGmaiden

As one of the earliest bloggers (since 1999), I enjoy meeting people who embrace "out-of-the-box" thinking and fear not the unknown. I believe in collaboration for sustainability because it increases stakeholder value.

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