Routine to reduce stress and uncertainty

Routine is good to reduce stress and uncertainty.

I am trying to get back into a routine, after nearly a month of living out of a suitcase and traveling across two oceans and a continent.

Because my job has little structure, it makes even more sense to induce some routine or mantra into my daily life. Setting limits, goals, and rules is the first place to start regaining control.

Step One:

Set rules that are easy to follow.


  • Go to bed by 9 pm so that it’s possible to wake up at dawn.
  • Walk to the office. Don’t drive.
    Today I finally found a short cut. I don’t have to trespass my neighbor’s yard anymore.
  • Get to the 7:30 am workout class on time. Do it 4 days a week: M, T, W, F.
  • Attend yoga classes 3 days a week: T, W, Th
  • Whenever I drive to the office and on weekends, go swim laps: Th, Sa, Su.
  • Practise piano.
  • Water the lawn at sunset everyday

Step Two:

Stick to the rules. Reward yourself when you do.

  • Call an old friend on the phone, skype, or Facetime
  • Write a blog post about something frivolous
  • Attend an event you’ve never been to before

Step Three:

Ward off temptation.

If you stick to the rules, you won’t get sidetracked by temptation or distraction.


Author: BLOGmaiden

As one of the earliest bloggers (since 1999), I enjoy meeting people who embrace "out-of-the-box" thinking and fear not the unknown. I believe in collaboration for sustainability because it increases stakeholder value.

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