Colour My World for piano

“What is the song that goes like this?” asked one of my piano students out of the blue, playing a distinct major 7th chord followed by minor chords on his right hand.

After some thought, I said, “Chicago’s Colour My World. That’s Colour with a U in it.”

It’s one of those songs that you never forget.

I found a version on the Internet that requires the right hand (R.H.) to read below middle C and the left hand (L.H.) a few octaves lower. Knowing that beginning piano students are more comfortable reading the notes in the staves rather out of them (ledger or leger lines), I decide to rewrite it. I also replaced the 12/8 time with 4/4 time using triplet eighth notes.

This is another piece you can play with the official video on Youtube in which the L.H. is played by a bass guitar.

Click on the image below for the 2-page PDF score.

Colour My World for easy piano

Colour My World for easy piano


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  1. Left hand is not the same as original

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