Colour My World for piano

Chicago’s Colour My World has a hypnotizing effect with a distinct bass line and slow changing broken chords. Anne Ku rewrites it for easier reading.


“What is the song that goes like this?” asked one of my piano students out of the blue, playing a distinct major 7th chord followed by minor chords on his right hand.

After some thought, I said, “Chicago’s Colour My World. That’s Colour with a U in it.”

It’s one of those songs that you never forget.

I found a version on the Internet that requires the right hand (R.H.) to read below middle C and the left hand (L.H.) a few octaves lower. Knowing that beginning piano students are more comfortable reading the notes in the staves rather out of them (ledger or leger lines), I decide to rewrite it. I also replaced the 12/8 time with 4/4 time using triplet eighth notes.

This is another piece you can play with the official video on Youtube in which the L.H. is played by a bass guitar.

Click on the image below for the 2-page PDF score.

Colour My World for easy piano
Colour My World for easy piano

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