Gerald Schwertberger (1941 – 2014)

Austrian composer Gerald Schwertberger was a prolific composer who passed away on February 8, 2014.


Gerald Schwertberger was one of the earliest 20th/21st century composers we discovered — who had composed for piano and guitar. Robert and I performed his works at our debut concert in London in 2002. The works were easy, fun, and full of humor.

I’ve never been to Vienna. I’ve never met Gerald.

It was an e-mail exchange, later continued more actively on Facebook.

We followed each other on Facebook. He read my blogs. I played his music.

I wrote to Gerald about visiting Vienna this summer. He replied that he was very ill.

In November/December 2013, I wrote to Gerald that I was looking for easy but fun music for my adult beginning piano students. I explained that here on Maui, there is just one music store and one book store. We have to order online and pay for hefty delivery costs. Unless I can download it from the Internet, I usually don’t get to browse or see what’s available.

Gerald was very kind to send his easy piano pieces with such titles as “chopsticks meets the flea” and “happy piano.”

He was a prolific composer who wrote for piano, guitar, cello, and other instruments. Most of his published work can be obtained from Doblinger. Just google him and you’ll find his pieces performed and recorded.

Sadly Gerald passed away on February 8th, 2014. Through the postings on his Facebook page, I could see that he was much loved and admired by musicians in South America as well as his native Austria. Thank you, Gerald, for your gift of music.

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One thought on “Gerald Schwertberger (1941 – 2014)”

  1. Hi Anne and Robert,
    Gerald sent me Happy Hour Sandwich a couple of years ago after I contacted him about his cuatro pieces breves. I was looking forward to letting him know how much my pianist friend and I have working on them but very sad to learn that he died last year. Did he leave any words about the sandwich that I could use in programme notes?

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