I Gotta Feeling for Easy Piano

I first heard the Black Eyed Peas in the Netherlands. I can’t remember how exactly I heard their smash hit “I Gotta Feeling” but definitely I worked out to it in the health club across the canal from my house. Anyway, every time I hear it, I just want to move. Their “Boom Boom Pow” is equally addictive.

This is a great piece for ensemble.

The chord progression is simple, in the key of C major. Every eight bars it repeats itself.

The version I arranged for my piano ensemble class allows for different levels of difficulty, marked by rehearsal marks A, B, C, D etc. Section F is the hardest because that’s when the singing comes in — there’s syncopation.

Students can choose which section they can play and keep repeating that section or they can follow the piece in the order it comes. If they get lost, they just have to figure out which part of the eight bars they need to get back into. Surprisingly my students are ambitious and want to follow the order as written.

Click on the sample below for the PDF score.

I Gotta Feeling for easy piano

I Gotta Feeling for easy piano

You can play this against the official video. But I like the flashmob at Oprah’s Chicago celebration below.


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One response to “I Gotta Feeling for Easy Piano

  1. Lenora

    HI! I would like to use this arrangement with my music class. Just wondering if I can have permission to use it.

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