Class songs of Kubasaki High School

Compiling class songs of Kubasaki High School in Okinawa for a reunion in Williamsburg, Virginia ….


In anticipation of attending my first “official” high school reunion, I asked one of the organizers if there would be a piano at the venue. It was an innocent question. If there’s a piano, then I’d play.Image

When I later learned that the organizers would be willing to rent a digital piano for the occasion, I thought to myself, “You know what? I’d rather chit chat, eat, and dance than play the piano.”

Nonetheless, a list of class songs got compiled through Facebook. It would be a project to dig out the sheet music to these songs and play them, or at least to complete the list.

Dragon Class Songs for Williamsburg Dragon Reunion

1966- Moments to Remember
1967- To Dream the Impossible Dream
1968- For Once in My Life by Stevie Wonder
1969- There’s a Place for Us
1970- We Gotta Get Outta This Place
1971- A Time for Us from Romeo and Juliet
1972- We’ve Only Just Begun by the Carpenters
1973 – ?
1974- Teach Your Children
1975- We May Never Pass This Way Again by Seals and Crofts
1976- I Wish You Peace
1977- Theme from Mahogany
1978 – ??
1979 – Free Bird
1980 – If Ever I See Your Face by Roberta Flack
1981 –  “A Touch of Class”
1982- Original by Anne Ku called: “Of the Class of 82”
1983 – Ever Since the World Began, Survivors
1984 –Cool Change, Little River Band

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3 thoughts on “Class songs of Kubasaki High School”

  1. The Class Song for the Classof 1973 was “Friends” by Elton John. It was the title song from a movie of the same title.

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