Ukulele: Beginner Basics

a.k.a. Ukulele Basics for Beginners

Announcing the first beginning ukulele workshop for the general public.
Where: Boston, Massachusetts — near the Milton T (red-line) station in Historic Lower Mills.
When: Wed 7th Feb 2018 at 7 pm. Please register to get a seat!

Walter Baker Artist Lofts at 1231 Adams Street, Boston, MA 02124 also known as “Historic Lower Mills” was formerly the administrative offices of the oldest chocolate factory in the USA.

I’ve been asked so many questions that it’s time to post blogs to answer them and / or conduct workshops to show the answers. Here are a few popular questions by newcomers to the ukulele:

  1. Where can I get my first ukulele? What kind of ukulele should I get? What else do I need? How much should I spend?
    Go to a local music instrument store and try the different sizes of ukuleles: soprano, concert, and tenor. The tuning is the same but the size differs. For adults, I’d recommend concert size. For children, soprano. Be sure to get a clip-on tuner. There’s no need for strap or extra set of strings or capo at this point – but if you can afford it, go ahead.
  2. Suppose, you’ve got your ukulele and clip-on tuner, what next?
    It’s very important to know how to hold your instrument, sit or stand and get the fundamentals right, especially for adults. You will definitely need to learn to tune your instrument.
  3. How to read strumming patterns?
  4. What to do with the right-hand?
    SHORT ANSWER: you can stroke, strum, pick, pluck, wham
  5. What to do with the left-hand: open strings, one-finger chords, two-finger chords, three-finger chords, barre chords, alternative fingerings
  6. How to read chord diagrams?
  7. How to put the two together and accompany yourself?
  8. How to sing and play at the same time?
  9. How to play different styles: pop, rock, folk, reggae, etc.
  10. How to read tablature?
  11. How to find song sheets, tutorials, and other useful stuff online?
  12. What are ukulele clubs?

I’ve outlined several workshops I’m giving in Historic Lower Mills of Boston (areas of Milton, Quincy, Dorchester, Mattapan). In late April, I will be giving an 8-week course at a local library (TBA). For the one below, please show up before start-time to get ready.

Wednesday 7th February @ 7 pm
Walter Baker Artist Lofts
1231 Adams Street
Common Room (right-hand side of the front doors)
Boston, MA 02124

At door cash: Adult $10. Child $5. Borrow ukulele + $10 (reservations required).
One-hour workshop to learn how to tune, basic strumming and chords to get you started.

To register, please fill out the GOOGLE FORM.

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next: Valentine’s Heartbreak Jam on Wed. 14th February with workshop beforehand.

For a full list of dates and song books compiled for these workshops and jam sessions, visit ALL THINGS UKULELE.


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