Introducing ukulele groups in Massachusetts at Eustis Estate

On Saturday November 3rd, 2018, ukulele players that regularly attend ukulele meet-ups in Boston, Arlington, Cambridge, Plainville, Waltham, Somerville, and Dorchester will come to Milton to perform together. These ukulele enthusiasts will provide live music at Eustis Estate, the newest addition to Historic New England, at the  Second Annual Blue Hills Great Estate Foliage Weekend in Milton, Massachusetts. The two-day event includes 30-minute landscape tours at 11 am, noon, and 1 pm on the estate’s 80-acres (as well as many outdoor activities like cider making demonstrations, apple crafts, apple tasting.)

Eustis Estate (1875 – present) at 1424 Canton Avenue, Milton , MA

Notes to performers Sat 3rd November 2018 @ 8:12 AM

Drive into the estate itself, past the main house (pictured above) into the grass overflow area marked “Additional Parking” next to the main visitors parking. Go into the Visitor’s Center (small new house) and give your name to get a sticker to get entry. Leave as much stuff in your car as possible, i.e. just bring what you need.

All locations require music stands except for the jam session in the historic kitchen which will make use of the computer screen on the wall in the last hour. Identify your music stand and ukulele case (with sticker or ribbon).

Dress code: ukulele T-shirts (over long sleeves to keep warm). Something red for Red Sox victory.

We have a green room designated to us, for our belongings including instrument cases, where no one else can go except us. There’s an adjoining kitchen we can use, with coffee maker, kettle, refrigerator, electric stove. Paper plates, cutlery, cups, napkins will be provided.

Weather Forecast for Milton, MA: winds at 25 mph — please bring clips or clothes pegs to hold down your music unless you’re using iPad.

Weather permitting, the performances will be outdoors in the front (covered) porch. We need to set up one or two seated rows and have people standing in the back.

  • 11 am: open rehearsal (to go through beginnings and endings, tricky bits, and those songs we didn’t get to do in the Thursday evening rehearsal)
  • Noon – 12:40 pm: first set
  • 1 – 1:30 pm: second (shorter) set
  • flashmob secret location (but not everyone can fit!!)
  • 2 – 3 pm: jam session in historic kitchen – no need for music stands or song sheets
The parlor is the largest room on the ground floor with entry to the smaller parlor

  1. Bye, Bye Love
  2. San Francisco Bay Blues: instrumental interlude same as third set of four lines & repeat with words
  3. Peaceful Easy Feeling:  4 strums after end of each chorus.
  4. Hey Good Lookin’
  5. ——>>>> California Dreamin – led by Marisa & Malissa
  6. ——>>>> Stray Cat Strut / Hit the Road Jack Mashup – Watch City Uke Group
  7. Take Me Home Country Roads: don’t let it drag; echo “Take Me Home” in the final acapella chorus with three times “Take Me Home” ….
  8. Pearly Shells**
  9. Blue Hawaii** – slow it way down
  10. ——>>>> Proud Mary in C-Book, p. 33 – led by Nick
  11. ——>>>> Margaritaville in C-Book, p. 27 – Strummerville
  12. If I Only Had a Brain
  13. Chapel of Love – three part harmony, bass walk-up lead in
  14. All My Loving**
  15. Eight Days a Week
The library (directly above front porch and entrance) is the second largest room

Second set –  in the order listed in Milton Porchfest Songbook, except where indicated

  1. Autumn Leaves – led by Anne
  2. Take Me Out to the Ball Game – instrumental intro, sing from “Take me out”, last line is double length: At the [A7] old (23, 123) [D7] ball (23,123) [G] game (23, 123) [G!]
  3. Sweet Caroline
  4. Charlie on the MTA: one man to speak the intro into the microphone, then [C] 2, 3 Well let me [C] tell you
  5. Choco-lele Commercial Mash-Up**
  6. Wagon Wheel
  7. Happy Together
  8. Sunny Afternoon
  9. All I Have to Do is Dream**
  10. ——>>>> Don’t Worry, Be Happy – led by Cindy
  11. ——>>>> The Weight – Unlikely Strummers
  12. The Lion Sleeps Tonight**
  13. Bring Me Sunshine
  14. It’s So Easy to Fall in Love But Breaking Up Is Hard to Do**  led by Anne

** May skip to allow time for a flashmob afterwards

The historic kitchen has a screen projector facing the wood stove

Jam session from 2 to 3 pm in historic kitchen – led by Danno (screen projector, no music stands needed) – select chronologically from the following list, tracing the history of Eustis Estate. [Note: did not perform ones in light grey font colour.]

  1. 1873 Home on the Range
  2. 1881 My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
  3. 1892 Bicycle Built for Two
  4. 1894 I’ve Been Working on the Railroad – p. 77
  5. 1897 My Grandfather’s Clock – new
  6. 1899 She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain
  7. 1902 Bill Bailey – new
  8. 1909 By the Light of the Silvery Moon – new
  9. 1910 Let Me Call You Sweetheart
  10. 1920’s Five Foot Two / Yes Sir That’s My Baby / Ain’t She Sweet mash-up
  11. 1924 I’ll See You in My Dreams
  12. 1944 Besame Mucho – new
  13. 1957 Wake Up Little Susie
  14. 1960 Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
  15. 1961 I Will Follow Him
  16. 1962 Rhythm of the Rain
  17. 1964 Under the Boardwalk (The Drifters)
  18. 1965 You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away (The Beatles)
  19. 1966 Ruby Tuesday (Rolling Stones)
  20. 1967 When I’m Sixty Four (The Beatles)
  21. 1968 Lady Madonna (The Beatles)
  22. 1969 Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
  23. 1972 You’re So Vain (Carly Simon) p. 51 “C” Book
  24. 1974 Seasons in the Sun
  25. 1977 Addams Family Theme
  26. 1978 YMCA (Village People) p. 78 “C” Book
  27. 1979 Crazy Little Thing Called Love p. 9 “C” Book
  28. 2017 Havana – Camila Cabello – new

@ 5th November 2018: Awaiting videos and photos and reviews.

Morning rehearsal of  a song that didn’t get performed in the afternoon:

Chronicle TV Coverage of Eustis Estate:

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