Initially, this blog started as a way for pianist Anne Ku to share the adventures of her piano guitar duo with Dutch guitarist Robert Bekkers as they travel throughout the Netherlands and abroad to share their music with the world. Since 2011, the blog has evolved to include concert reviews, arrangements for easy piano, ukulele, voice, guitar (and ensemble), and other related themes.

From mid-October 2010, the duo embarked on a five week tour of selective cities in the USA: Boston and New England in the Autumn, Duke University, Phoenix, Houston, and San Francisco before so-journing in Maui for the winter season. Listen to the Houston Public Radio Interview.

One of the reasons for this blog is to show that live music performances are a means to bring people together. Concerts can happen anywhere as long as there is a will. This blog shows the way.

To introduce live “art” music to new audiences, they have produced house concerts from their home in central Utrecht. Since 2006, many international musicians have performed in the Monument House Concert Series. In Autumn 2009, they began using their experience to help others produce concerts from their home, office, schools, and other locations not normally used for music performance.

Here is a collection of behind-the-scenes stories and reflections on the value chain of concert productions, from individual practice to final performance, from audience development to sponsorship and fund-raising for future concerts, and other topics in cultural economics and creative entrepreneurship that are necessary to sustain independent music professionals today.

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Piano Guitar Duo, photo by Serge van Empelen at Bethanienklooster in Amsterdam photo credit: Serge van Empelen at Bethanienklooster, Amsterdam

The contents of this blog belong to the author. No part may be copied without prior permission. Readers are most welcome to comment on the blog entries and suggest new topics. Copyright (2009-2019)

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    The municipal cultural institute, ‘Joaquin Chapaprieta’ has organised the (tenth) annual ‘SYMPHONY COMPOSITION CONTEST – CITY OF TORREVIEJA’ which will take place under the following rules:


    1.- All those composers who wish to participate may do so.
    2. The compositions should be original and unedited an-d not be a copy, modification or a version of any existing composition nor have been previously published through any media. Any entry which has been, or appears to have been previously presented to the public or received its ‘premier’ outside of this competition may be disqualified by the decision of the jury. The composition should have a duration of more than fifteen minutes and less than twenty minutes.
    3. The content of the work, as well as its form, shall be of ‘free choice’ (not allowed to work for solo instrument and wind orchestra), and arranged for the instruments detailed in the attached annex. It should be noted that the jury will expect the use of ALL of the instruments listed in the annex except those which are indicated as optional. Failure to comply with this rule could result in the disqualification of the entry.
    4. Works should be submitted in quintipulate “printed” on paper size DIN A3 (297mmx420mm), and accompanied by the individual material (partichelas) of the corresponding part for each of the instruments as detailed in the annex.
    The individual material (or partichelas) of the work may be sent optionally on a CD (in PDF archives), in order to reduce the cost of shipping by the composer.
    Together with the work and the individual material submitted, which should not bear either the name nor known pseudonym of the composer but merely a chosen title, should be enclosed a separate, sealed envelope which is clearly marked on the outside with the chosen title of the work. Within this envelope should be enclosed details of the composer: name, surnames, address, copy of national identity document or passport, telephone number and electronic mail address if applicable. Any non-compliance of this rule may lead to disqualification.
    5. All entries must be received by 31st October 2012 and the jury’s decision will be announced before the end of the year 2012.
    6. Entries should be sent, within the specified time, to:


    7. PRIZES:
    7.1. A single prize of twelve thousand euros (12,000€) will be offered to the winner.
    7.2. The prize will be subject to taxes according to law. This will apply both to Spanish nationals as well as non Spanish competitors regardless of their place of residence.
    8. The jury which will decide the winning entry will be composed of five members, all recognised within the world of music and nominated by the Ayuntamiento de Torrevieja (Town Council).
    9. The prize-winning composition will receive its “PREMIER” during a special concert by the “UNION MUSICAL TORREVEJENSE” (www.unionmusicaltorrevejense.com) sometime during the first semester of 2013.
    9.1. Regardless that the rights of ownership of the entry will remain with the author, he / she, in accordance with the rules of this competition, will be obliged to ensure that, in any future publication of the composition, the winning entry will be publicised with the following annex: “PRIZEWINNER OF THE X ANNUAL SYMPHONY COMPOSITION CONTEST “CIUDAD DE TORREVIEJA”. 2012.
    10. All other works submitted and not deemed to be the winner will be kept by the ‘Ayuntamiento’ of Torrevieja for a period of three months from the date of the publication of jury’s decision, after which the composers may collect their entries in person or by sending an authorised representative.
    11. The competition shall be declared void if the jury should decide that the standard required has not been reached.
    12. The submission of any entry to this competition shall be considered as a full acceptance by the competitor of these rules. Any decision by the jury, with regards to the winning entry or any other matter relatining to this competition, shall be considered as final.

    E-MAIL CONTACT – PEDRO HERNANDEZ: pedro@gesadem.com

    Flute 1,2
    Oboes 1,2,
    English Horn
    Bassoons 1,2,
    Clarinet E Bemol
    Clarinet B Bemol Solo and 1º
    Clarinet B Bemol 2º 3º
    Bass Clarinet
    Sax Sopr B Bemol
    Alt Sax E Bemol 1,2
    Tenor Sax B Bemol 1,2
    Bariton Sax E Bemol
    Bass Sax (Opcional)
    Horn F 1,2,3,4
    Trumpets B Bemol 1,2,3,4
    Trombone 1,2,3 y 4 (Trombone 4º may be replaced by Bass Trombone)
    Flügelhorn B Bemol 1, 2 (Fliscorno)
    Euphonium B bemol 1, 2 (Bombardino)
    Tubas in C
    Double Bass
    Piano (Opcional)
    Arpa (Opcional)


    The spirit and intention of this competition is that the entries should be suitable for playing by musician members of a “Banda Sinfónica”, (as understood in Spain). Works which do not strictly meet this criteria may be disqualified.


    1st Edition: “SINFONIA HAMLET” by D. Santiago Quinto Serna (Spain) (2003).

    2nd Edition: “CUMBRE DE MASADA” by D. José Miguel Fayós Jordán (Spain) (2004).

    3rd Edition: “VENTS DEL GARBI” by D. José Miguel Martínez Giménez (Spain) (2005).

    4th Edition: “FANTASIA PER LA VITA E LA MORTA” by D. Bert Apermont (Belguim) (2006).

    5th Edition: PRIZE NOT AWARDED (2007).

    6th Edition: “ELEMENTS” by Pablo Anglés Galindo (Spain) (2008).

    7th Edition: “CASTELO DO INFERNO” by Ferrer Ferran (Spain) (2009).

    8th Edition: “THE SECRET OF THE HILLS” by Andre Waignein (2010).

    9th Edition: “EL FESTIVAL DE POSEIDON” by Juan José Solana Gutiérrez (2011).

    E-MAIL CONTACT – PEDRO HERNANDEZ: pedro@gesadem.com

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