This page lists various music-related projects undertaken by Anne Ku in chronological order. The first two projects were presented at an arts and humanities conference in Honolulu, Hawaii, January 8-10, 2012.

Call for Scores of Multi-hand Piano Duets: from Hawaii to Holland

  • This was an experimental project to get living composers to submit interesting duets for pianists to play and to get feedback from the pianists on readability, playability, and more.

Part 2 of the “House Concerts for Art Music” presented at an arts and humanities conference in Honolulu, January 2012

  • Respond below to request for the 14-page white paper –  part one (presented at the 2010 International Cultural Economics Conference in Copenhagen).

Introducing piano solo music that’s accessible and interesting (catalogue)

Piano Ensemble for Part-Timers, awarded by University of Hawaii Community Colleges part-time student initiatives grant for Dec 2013 – June 2014. Music for easy piano.

Instrumental ensemble as a sustainable learning community, awarded by University of Hawaii Community Colleges part-time student initiatives grant for Dec 2014 – June 2015

Music to serve a cause: Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). A multi-disciplinary enquiry. (2015 onwards)

Getting adults to learn the piano and ‘ukulele as quickly and effortlessly as possible: Forthcoming books for piano and ‘ukulele (2017 onwards) and ukulele jam clubs.

Ukulele club with themed jam sessions: first set up in Lower Mills area of Boston. — “have uke will travel” – visit All Things Ukulele

Ukulele and guitar: musical retreat in Italy. Concept paper: guitar meets piano; guitar orchestra and ukulele club

3 thoughts on “Projects”

  1. Hi Anne, I found your blog though LinkedIn. I am a concert pianist and sommelier in the Catskills of New York. I am enjoying reading through your posts. If you have the change, you can learn about my current project, “HeLoved TheSoftPornOfTheCity” at It is a classical art rock opera based on our work with Danish composer Morten Skovgaard Danielsen. Have a great day! Kristen

  2. I have enjoyed reading about the Many Hands on One Piano post. I am interested in knowing how to get the arrangements to use within my studio, to help my students increase their experience of working as a group. Are the arrangements available somewhere for purchase?

    1. Thank you, Julie.

      I would suggest that you google the composers whose works you like from my post or click on the links if I’ve embedded them. Contact them about your interest and enquire how to get a copy of the score(s). kind regards, Anne

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