Since its launch in March 2009, the Concertblog has been entirely supported by the Bekkers Piano Guitar Duo and the Monument House Concert Series and its audiences. Other sponsors and forms of sponsorship, including patronage, donations, collaborations, are welcome to provide time for this blog to be updated on a regular basis.

Sponsorship is of course something that is nice and eventually necessary to keep this blog going in cyberspace. “To keep it going” means giving me the time to write, update, and distribute the contents of this blog— making it available at all times and forever. This translates to finding the time taken from practising, rehearsing, performing, composing, arranging, teaching, and producing concerts and other related musical activities.

One way you can support this site is to order our CDs from CDBABY. Visit the Bekkers Piano Guitar Discography page for links to order individual tracks, entire digital album, or physical albums.

We’re looking for a sponsor for part 2 of the “House concerts for art music” paper (download the 14-page PDF) which will follow up from our coast-to-coast USA tour of house concerts from Boston to Sacramento in 2010.

If you have an interesting proposal about how you can help keep this blog going, please LEAVE A REPLY below. It will remain private and confidential. Thank you for your support.

Anne Ku at the piano
Anne Ku, photo credit: Serge van Empelen, Bethanienklooster Amsterdam

4 thoughts on “Sponsors”

  1. Hi – Can you share your complete version of 1000 years for easy piano? My daughter loves this song and can actually play this version!

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