Corden & McCartney sing Beatles songs in Liverpool

What a great idea to travel down memory lane singing songs you wrote in the different locations of your home town! That’s exactly what Paul McCartney did in Liverpool recently. The 24-minute Youtube video moved me to tears as “Let It Be” did for James Corden, host of “The Late, Late Show” in London.

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Silver surfer in Maui

After a few days on the island of Maui, we realised that we needed a car. Should we rent or buy? This is the story of the Silver Surfer.

When it comes to getting from A to B in the USA, our American friends advise us to get a car. This is very different from the Netherlands where people cycle or use public transportation systems that include the train, tram, metro, and bus.

After a few days on the island of Maui, we realised that we needed a car. We’re used to a faster pace of life than public buses could afford. Walking in the heat of the day was not only tiring but also deadly. We mulled over whether we should rent or buy a car. Eventually we decided to find a second-hand car.

The first one we saw looked like it was going to fall apart any moment. As the owner drove towards us, we saw that it was heavily damaged on one side. Rust had invaded most of the outside. The inside was filthy. The owner wanted $1,000 for the piece of rubbish. I was in shock.

The next two cars did not materialise. The owners either cancelled or postponed their appointments.

Robert had to start over again.

The Maui Bulletin carries a huge used car for sale section, as does Craigslist. These are the two primary sources of published information for second-hand cars.

Nothing was forthcoming after a week.

Just when I was losing hope and starting to wonder whether we should rent a car for a week to look for a car to buy, Robert texted me.

“500 bucks. ugly duck but no damage and good engine, automatic, economy car. Tell you rest later! I am driving now!”

That’s what I had wanted: a small, automatic car that’s cheap and cheerful. Robert, on the other hand, wanted a big car with big wheels and a roar.

We decided to call it the “Silver Surfer.”

And the story?

One day, as Robert was practising his guitar in the nearby mall, an elderly lady approached him. She asked why he was playing the guitar in the mall. He introduced himself and complained that the outdoor park was not always ideal for his daily studies. Through their conversation, it emerged that she was living in the same neighbourhood as we. She also decided she was no longer fit to drive her car. She was willing to sell it, but perhaps he would like to take it for a spin.

Once again, music brought people together.

The Silver Surfer and the guitarist
The Silver Surfer and the guitarist