College students react to “Following the Ninth”

Part two of Kerry Candaele’s Beethoven trilogy is under way. I pledged $35 for the Kickstarter Project which ends on May 19th, 2016. The way this crowd funding works is that if the goal is not reached, the fundraiser gets nothing. It’s my sincere hope that my friends and readers click on the above link and preview the next film in the making. It’s about Beethoven’s only opera – Fidelio.
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Alive Inside: getting the playlist for the music of memory

Inspired by the 2014 documentary “Alive Inside,” Anne Ku tries to create a playlist for elderly residents by sight-reading popular music from different eras, TV themes, broadway, movies, and the charts.

The 78-minute documentary “Alive Inside” is a fascinating account of the effect of familiar music on eliciting memory in the elderly, awakening them from their otherwise passive state of being. Released in 2014, the film “follows social worker Dan Cohen, founder of the nonprofit organization Music & Memory, as he fights against a broken healthcare system to demonstrate music’s ability to combat memory loss and restore a deep sense of self to those suffering from it.”

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Birth of a harpsichord: an animated documentary

What do harpsichords and pianos have in common? Find out in Durham, North Carolina

Duke University, Durham, North Carolina

I am practising on a Steinway grand piano next to a room containing three harpsichords. The newest one — full of colour and history — Opus 333 is documented in a short 8 minute film on the website of Alienor — the Foundation for competition of compositions for new music for the harpsichord. Watch the 8 minute clip from here.


Opus 333 harpsichord commissioned by Elaine Funaro
Opus 333 harpsichord commissioned by Elaine Funaro

The animation film by Andrea Love is giving me new ideas for documenting our concert tour of the USA. It’s our fourth state in 2 weeks and tomorrow we leave for Phoenix, Arizona.

Tonight we give a concert at Duke University, in the same concert hall where I gave my senior piano recital nearly 25 years ago. It has been renovated since, but the atmosphere is still the same bringing back memories of those days long ago. The Steinway is a new one, not that featured in the photo below on the website of Duke’s Department of Music.

Free concert tonight 8 pm 2 November 2010: Bekkers Piano Guitar Duo (1 hour) – followed by a visit to a local microbrewery.

Nelson Music Room, East Duke Building, Duke University
Nelson Music Room, East Duke Building, Duke University


Chicken A La Carte

Background music to short film and how it is an essential part of the message.

Notice the background music, from drumming and other percussive rhythms to melody and song. Let me know what you think.

I read an email containing the link to this movie from a friend I caught up with recently. She wrote, “This is a short film about world hunger which brought me to tears.”