11,000 hits on concertblog

11,000 hits on concertblog but so what?

By the time I publish this blog entry, there would have been 11,000 visitors (not counting myself) to this site since 24 March 2009.

Anne Ku in Bennebroek, Netherlands
Anne Ku in Bennebroek, Netherlands

Why is this number significant?

Surely there are better indicators of the popularity of this blog. Economists would look at the rate of increase, per day, per week, per month, etc. Statisticians would look at the average growth, the top most-viewed pages, and other measures.

11,000 is a nice number. Not long ago, I saw it hit 10,000. I wonder when will it hit 12,000?

Does the euro blogger Edward Hugh track his blog traffic? He made headline news when the euro weakened. He had warned about this years ago but no one (seemingly) paid attention.

My warning is simple:
we need to pay attention to what’s going on in cultural economics, as professional artists, culture vultures, and anyone who wants to continue to produce, consume, and enjoy the arts.