James Bond Theme for ukulele

Sir Roger Moore, who played 007 in seven James Bond movies, has died. The instant I heard the unfortunate news I also heard the James Bond Theme in my head. Continue reading “James Bond Theme for ukulele”


Gitaar = guitar (in Dutch)

Young blonde guitarist plays the electric gitaar (in Dutch) from a photo from long ago.

This morning, while scanning my e-mails as usual, I almost deleted an unknown sender with the subject line “Old looks.” Out of curiosity, I opened it and read a seasons’ greetings in the familiar multi-lingual text that is commonly found in the Netherlands:

Beste mensen,

Wat ik nu toch vond.

Met vriendelijke groet/best regards/bien à vous/mit freundlichen Grüßen/Sinceramente,

Jan Paul Barentsen

Scrolling down further, I saw a photo of a young man with flying blonde hair playing electric guitar. Something about him made me stop and stare. He was around 18 or 19 years of age. He looked familiar. Apparently he sold his moped to buy this instrument.

Young man playing electric guitar
Young man playing electric guitar

I would have liked to meet the young guitarist. By the time I finally met him, his hair was more dirty blonde than blonde. He sold the Telecaster electric guitar long ago.

Thank you, Jan Paul, for this photo of the young Robert. What a nice Christmas gift! Hope to meet you someday.