Music for the earth piano concert

A concert of music works with titles to do with the earth so as to raise awareness and respect the earth and all that’s around us —

In tandem with arranging music for the Earth Day Jam, a free one-hour piano workshop to get people to experience making music together, I decided to end the week with a tribute to the earth. As in previous two concerts this year, my most advanced students opened the concert for me, this time with more confidence and conviction than ever before.

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James Taylor: Fire and Rain for Easy Piano

James Taylor’s Fire and Rain remembered at a beach park funeral on Maui.

Decision making in music has always fascinated me. How does a performer decide which works to include in a concert? How does a composer decide which notes to use? How does an arranger decide which works to arrange? Sometimes the occasion commands it.

A few days ago I received an e-mail from a colleague asking if I could suggest someone to play James Taylor’s “Fire and Rain” for a funeral at a beach park on Maui. The song evoked memories of going to college in North Carolina and a nostalgia of lost youth. I never really understood the lyrics until another colleague, who attended the funeral today, recited the words verbatim and eluded to a story behind it.

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